Ancillary relief / financial remedies

Financial Remedies is the term used in divorce proceedings for what used to be known as ‘Ancillary Relief’. It is the part of the divorce that covers the financial arrangements and can include agreements on maintenance, pension sharing, mortgages, the splitting of financial assets and other financial issues.

Getting a fair settlement on complex financial issues

Get specialist legal advice on ancillary relief and financial issues from our expert on complex financial matters arising from divorce, Ramin Shamsolahi. Ramin will ensure that you have a fair settlement following the breakdown of our relationship.

Our goal is to facilitate an agreement, protecting you and your children’s futures quickly and without hostility. We avoid using provocative language in our letters and divorce petitions and will always get your approval on wording before sending key communications.

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We can help you with:

  • Pension sharing after divorce
  • Ancillary relief proceedings
  • Divorce settlements
  • Consent order divorce
  • Financial remedies
  • Financial arrangements of divorce
  • Maintenance