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If you are eligible for Legal Aid then we can help you apply. 
If you are a Key Worker then you may be eligible for a discount on our services. 
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We are experienced in divorce law and separation law and are professional and pragmatic in our approach. We aim to make the process as fast and efficient as possible so presenting our clients with minimal costs and hostility. When mediating divorce or separation we never lose sight of the final aim – moving on. 
We know that dealing with the end of a marriage by a divorce or separation can be very upsetting. We are here to help you navigate the process and support you to make decisions that are right for you. 
Divorce – how we can help you 
If you are thinking about ending your marriage, it’s a good idea to get legal advice as early as possible so you know what your options are. Sorting finances, living arrangements, children and other things can feel overwhelming but we are here to give you practical advice so that you can take it one step at a time. 
When going through a divorce, the children always need to be remembered – we will help you to carry on with your responsibilities as a parent, whilst going through this process. 
Separation - how we can help you 
You’re considered legally separated when you and/or your spouse show by your actions that you no longer want to be seen as a couple. 
Often, when couples separate, they may not be ready for a divorce. In that situation, there’s no need to make it official or to get any legal documents. However, when it comes to finances, we do recommend having a written agreement where everything can be recorded. To avoid any arguments, we can help you to put a Separation Agreement in place – a contract that’s legally binding if certain criteria are met. 
We believe it’s important for you to know our cost estimates for putting together Separation Agreements from the start. That’s why we’d encourage you to contact us if you’d like to know more. 
Why not book in for a meeting? 
Your first appointment will be with one of our specialist family lawyers to assess your needs. At this meeting we will talk through: 
• What the issues are 
• Finding the best process for you 
• Working out who in our team is best suited to supporting you 
• Our likely costs including the Court fee – and the payment options for you (including fixed fee options) 
• How long it’s likely to take 
Taking care of the most complex of financial issues 
When it comes to money and divorce settlements, we can deal with complex problems such as pensions, maintenance, trusts, valuation, and division of business interests and property. We always endeavour to negotiate amicable settlements. 
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