Domestic abuse

Our priority when it comes to domestic abuse or domestic violence is to ensure that the victims are safe. This often requires fast, efficient actions and close links with refuges and aid organisations, social services and the Police Domestic Violence Team to be most effective.

Getting you the help you need - immediately

Rosie Bracher has chaired the North Devon Domestic Violence forum in the past and co-wrote the local domestic violence handbook.  The firm enjoys excellent relationships with those in a position to ensure that victims of domestic violence and domestic abuse are made safe and treated well.

Whenever a victim of domestic abuse calls our office an immediate assessment of risk is undertaken with appointments being offered the same day or within three days, depending on urgency.

Need to talk? Get in touch with Bryony on 01271 314 904 or by emailing her on

What’s the issue?

We can help you with:

  • restraining orders and injunctions
  • finding a refuge or place of safety as well as alternative remedies 
  • abusive relationships
  • practical advice if you don't want to end the relationship, just stop the abuse.