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Today, Civil Partnerships offer both parties similar rights as you would expect in traditional marriages. This means that separation, pre-nuptials, and other agreements are still relevant. 
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• The Civil Partnership Act 
• Civil partnership dissolution 
• Civil partnership divorce 
• Same sex adoption and fostering 
The law in the UK is at last eliminating the victimization same-sex marriage and widening the option of civil partnership to heterosexual couples. This is wonderful information, particularly for couples who wish to make reasonable plans in front of their enormous, big day. 
By setting yourself up for the likelihood that your relationship may transform, you can venture into your new existence with certainty, realizing that your future and your finances are secured. 
Families come in all shapes and measures, and each experience is unique. Our group of authorities have an abundance of information around there and can help with any situation and scenario. 
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We know how important it is that you get personal matters like this, from a lawyer you can trust and feel comfortable. Rosie Bracher Solicitors, offers you the chance to speak to a lawyer straightaway, so that you can ensure they are right for you before you entrust your case to us. 
If you are thinking about getting married or entering a civil partnership it is important to understand the legal and financial implications, which can continue after separation and even divorce. 
It is possible for couples making this legal commitment to first enter into prenuptial agreements before a traditional wedding, or pre-registration agreements before a civil partnership, to regulate how their financial resources would be divided if their relationship were to break down in the future. 
Any marriage also has the effect of invalidating a Will if it was not made in contemplation of that specific marriage. Updating a Will when any major life event occurs is always wise, but on marriage it is essential. 
We have your interests at heart 
Ending a marriage or civil partnership can be highly stressful. Apart from emotional issues there are practical matters that must be dealt with – such as finances, property or business interests. And, of course, if there are children involved their interests are paramount. 
All of our information on divorce and separation applies equally to same sex married couples and civil partners. The only exception where the law is slightly different is that adultery is not an available basis to end a same-sex marriage or civil partnership because of its outdated definition. If an inappropriate relationship is the reason for the separation we therefore apply based on unreasonable behaviour and refer to the relationship as an example. 
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Our family law team has been ranked as the best in Devon and Cornwall by the two leading independent legal guides, Chambers and The Legal 500. 
We are well known for our ability to represent and support clients in a range of matters, from alternative dispute resolution proceedings, including mediation and collaborative law matters, to public and private children matters, wealth protection and financial remedies involving trusts and pensions. 
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