Celebrating 40 years of helping victims of domestic abuse

This November NDADA (North Devon Against Domestic Abuse) celebrate 40 years of helping victims of domestic abuse. A women’s refuge was opened in Bear Street in the 1970’s and in more recent years a modern building was constructed to take in women and children from all over the country who were fleeing domestic violence. In more recent years the charity has changed its name to NDADA.

To celebrate the work of this charity over the last 40 years and in estimation of some 40,000 victims of abuse aided NDADA is encouraging volunteers to help make 40,000 white flowers which will form a massive display on the Barnstaple museum in November. Raising awareness of the work NDADA do is all the more important since all funding was withdrawn by the council earlier this year. NDADA now operate the only refuge in the whole of Devon since government cuts closed all the other refuges. Part of NDADA’s survival has been in raising funds via their two shops in Boutport Street, RESTORE by the post office and the children’s Restore near the Cinema in Boutport Street. If you have not visited their shops or donated to them you should consider doing so.

Rosie Bracher team flower making!

You can find out more about this project and events we are hosting by emailing us on rosie@rosiebracher.co.uk.