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Probate & Wills 

The sensitivities and complexities of probate administration, will-writing and estate planning can be very diversified – so they all warrant a high quality investment in friendly professionalism and expertise. 
With the support and knowledge of our solicitors here at Rosie Bracher, you can achieve your goals far more easily, and without unnecessary stress or expense. 
We are here to help and advise in any way that we can, but we will never sell you a service you don’t need. We look forward to discussing your requirements and helping you the best way forward. 


Obtaining a Grant of Probate means contacting the Inland Revenue and the UK Probate Court, and a considerable amount of paperwork. It can be a complex process, but it’s one we’ve handled many times and understand inside out. 
Contact Us or visit us at your earliest convenience so that we can explain how we can make probate so much easier for yourselves. 

Wills and Estate planning 

Rosie Bracher offers expert services for will-writing, lasting power of attorney, trusts and estate planning – backed by our extensive knowledge and expertise. We are more than happy to provide a consultation and advice. 

Other Legal Services 

We are specialists in family law and unfortunately can’t act for you outside this area. We suggest that you contact Samuels Solicitors in Barnstaple for the following matters: 
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