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Not sure what to ask, who to choose to support your case? 
We have put together some general Q n A's to help you decide who to trust and support you along the way....... 
If you're still not sure, give us a call and we will give you good honest supportive advice. 
When going through a difficult time, you need to know that the person who’s going to be giving you advice will do so sensitively and that they know what they’re talking about. 
Not sure what to do, or who to contact? 
What do all family lawyers do? 
Most family law practices focus on representing clients in a divorce and the issues related to divorce such as the division of marital property, child custody and support, and maintenance. Family lawyers also draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and litigate related matters. 
Why would you need a family lawyer? 
Problems with Divorce, especially when children are involved. 
From making decisions about assets, maintenance or child support, a family law solicitor can be very beneficial to help ensure that these proceedings go according to plan and needs. A family lawyer can make sure your rights are protected and you get everything you are entitled to. 
How do I choose a family lawyer? 
Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the best family lawyer for you: 
Start Looking As Early As Possible. ... 
Ask Around or Check Reviews. ... 
Meet Your Lawyer. ... 
Personal Compatibility. ... 
Accessibility. ... 
Look For Warning Signs. ... 
Don't Let Cost Be The Only Factor. 
What do you call a family lawyer? 
Family & Divorce Lawyer. ... Therefore, a divorce lawyer must delicately yet justly handle a wide variety of family law issues from divorce, marriage annulment, and legal separation to child custody, child support and visitation rights. They are also called divorce solicitors or family practice lawyers. 
You could also ask for a recommendation from family or friends who have experienced the same problem you're facing. You may be able to get a good sense of whether a particular solicitor will suit your needs. 
Advice for parents. 
What questions should I ask an solicitor about child custody? 
Among the questions to consider asking: 
What is your approach or philosophy in handling child custody cases? 
How do you generally work with clients? Do you outline my options and expect me to make a decision? Are you more likely to tell me what to do? 
How would you describe your personality or style as a solicitor? 
How a mother or father can lose a custody battle? 
If a mother, or a father, is determined to be unfit, they will lose custody of their child. More specifically, a parent may be deemed unfit if he or she has been abusive, neglectful, or failed to provide proper care for the child. 
Can text messages be used in child custody court? 
In family law cases, both sides will need to present evidence to the court to support their proposed property, support, and child custody orders. ... As long as the text message is sent by one the opposing party, and is a statement against that party's interest, it may be admissible in court. 
What do judges look at when deciding custody? 
Judges must decide custody based on “the best interests of the child." The “best interests of the child” law requires courts to focus on the child's needs and not the parent's needs. The law requires courts to give custody to the parent who can meet the child's needs best . 
What makes a parent unfit in the eyes of the court? 
Factors that can lead a court to deem a parent unfit include: Instances of abuse or neglect; Willing failure to provide the child with basic necessities or needs; Abandonment of the child or children; 
How a poor relationship can affect a child. 
What is the most psychologically damaging thing you can say to a child? 
The most psychologically damaging thing you can say to a child is a lie that they find out later was not true. If this pattern repeats enough times, it will be very psychologically damaging. 
How does an angry parent affect a child? 
Children of angry parents have poor overall adjustment. There is a strong relationship between parental anger and delinquency. The effects of parental anger can continue to impact the adult child, including increasing degrees of depression, social alienation, spouse abuse and career and economic achievement. 
How parents stress can hurt a child? 
Children are sponges, after all – and we all know this intuitively. And there's a small but intriguing body of evidence suggesting that beyond a child's disposition, a parent's stress level can affect a child's very makeup, including his or her risk of mood disorders, addiction, and even disorders like ADHD and autism. 
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