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Financial Remedies is the term used in divorce proceedings for what used to be known as “Ancillary Relief”. It is the part of the divorce that covers the financial arrangements and can include agreements on maintenance, pension sharing, mortgages, the splitting of financial assets and other financial issues. 
Getting a fair settlement on complex financial issues 
Get specialist legal advice on Ancillary Relief and Financial Issues from our expert on complex financial matters arising from divorce, Ramin Shamsolahi.  
Ramin will ensure that you have a fair settlement following the breakdown of our relationship. 
Our goal is to facilitate an agreement, protecting you and your children’s futures quickly and without hostility. We avoid using provocative language in our letters and divorce petitions and will always get your approval on wording before sending key communications. 
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At the point when a marriage closes in separate, a finance repayment can be accomplished either by arrangement and understanding, without applying to Court, or by an application to Court and Court request. Numerous couples arrive at an understanding with respect to their funds following exchange and budgetary revelation between specialists. Be that as it may, at times, for an assortment of reasons, it is important to make an application to Court for the Court's contribution in arriving at a budgetary settlement.  
The genuine term for a budgetary settlement is "subordinate help”. The individual who applies for auxiliary alleviation is known as the Applicant and the other mate is the Respondent. If you are applying to Court, at that point your specialist will document a Form A for your sake which shows the sort of money related help that you are looking for. The Court will list a first arrangement somewhere in the range of 12 and 14 weeks from the date of documenting Form A.  
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