WHAT IS LEGAL AID? Rosie Bracher Solicitors LLP 

Without savings or realisable assets it can be hard to access legal representation, the Legal Aid program is a funding scheme from the UK government to help individuals on lower incomes get the support they need. Only law firms approved by the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) can only offer Legal Aid support services. Today very few solicitors have this approval but Rosie Bracher Solicitors have contracts to offer legal aid for family cases in both our North Devon and North Dartmoor offices. 
In cases where social services are involved at any legal meetings or supervision orders or for Court representation in relation to care, Legal Aid is available for everyone with parental responsibility for a child involved, without being means tested. 
Means and merit tested Legal Aid can also assist you in covering the costs of legal guidance, family mediation and representation in court. Rosie Bracher Solicitors have a contract with the Legal Aid Agency and can provide legal support to our qualifying clients wherever they are. 
Are You Eligible for Legal Aid? 
Understanding eligibility for Legal Aid in family law matters can be complex as there are many criteria. These can typically be explained with four factors if clients are to receive support: 
- Scope or Coverage. 
- Means test - financial assessment. 
- Merit test - consideration of the case’s worthiness. 
- Regulation 33/34 evidence. 
If you would like to read more about the assessment criteria we have prepared a helpful blog that you can read here
Contact our North Devon and North Dartmoor offices for more information on determining your eligibility for Legal Aid. You can also check your eligibility using the Legal aid agencies own Eligibility Checker here

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